Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi


The school has large well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Science etc. with ultra modern facilities. Science classes is conducted in the laboratories in a scientific ambience.


A state of the art language lab has been developed for providing greated emphasis to the language skills of the students . The ultra modern facilities and equipment caters to the future needs of our growing children in times when language and communication skill have come to play great importance.


A state of the art Maths lab has been developed to have the skills in mathematics and make it more interactive , Mathematics comes alive and learning becomes child play.


Computer Science is a compulsory subject in the school and computer labs offer a lot of scopes for all children to acquire hands on training Computers will also be used as means to learn other subjects. The computers labs will also facilitate senior students to acquire programming skills.

Wi-Fi Campus our computer lab is equipped with wi-fi accessibility . All students can access , and quench his cuiosity through Internet.